Google acquires Alooma to bolster cloud migration efforts

Rene Millman

20 Feb, 2019

Google has announced plans to buy cloud migration company Alooma in a bid to boost its cloud migration capacities.

In a blog post, Amit Ganesh, vice president  of engineering at Google, said that the addition of Alooma, subject to closing conditions, “is a natural fit that allows us to offer customers a streamlined, automated migration experience to Google Cloud, and give them access to our full range of database services, from managed open source database offerings to solutions like Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable”.

“This simplified migration path also opens the door for customers to take advantage of all the technologies we have to offer, including analytics, security, AI and machine learning,” he said.

Alooma was founded in 2013 and specialises in Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) applications. This enables users to pull in data from many sources, including Oracle, Azure, and SaaS providers such as SalesForce and mapping this data to data warehouses such as Redshift and BigQuery.

The deal would bring ETL services to Google Cloud. Amazon and Microsoft have ETL services in the form of Azure Data Factory and AWS Glue.

In a blog post, Yoni Broyde and Yair Weinberger, co-founders of Alooma, said the acquisition is the evolution of their company’s long-standing partnership with Google Cloud.

“It follows several native integrations, over the years, from Google Ads and Analytics to Cloud Spanner and BigQuery,” they said.

“We believe that as part of Google Cloud — bringing together the best-in-class data migration and integration services — we can make our customers and partners even more data-driven and successful.”

The co-founders added that the move would bring the company closer to delivering a full self-service database migration experience bolstered by the power of their cloud technology, including analytics, security, AI, and machine learning.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed nor was a date for when the acquisition will be finalised.