GE Adds Infrastructure As A Service To Internet of Things

GE has recently announced the expansion of its Predix Internet of Things platform to provide Infrastructure as a Service, a market currently dominated by cloud giant Amazon Web Services, followed by Microsoft, Google, and IBM. However, GE hopes to stand out amongst the competition by offering these infrastructure services specifically to meet the needs of its industrial customers.
GE currently manufactures large machinery such as jet engines, turbines, and locomotives, all loaded with sensors. These sensors generate massive amounts of information.
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Predix was originally a Platform as a Service that allowed customers as well as third party developers to utilize the data from the sensors to build applications. With the expansion, the company will be providing infrastructure services to run those applications made.
While this greatly resembles the IBM cloud strategy, Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Software has noted that there is a more focused set of services dedicated to the Internet of Things. He went on to explain that one of the main selling points was that the new infrastructure offering couples nicely with its software development platform. Also, the security layer has been designed specifically to meet the needs of companies running highly sensitive industrial equipment.
Another thing that sets GE apart from competitors like Amazon Web Services is that GE is able to understand how these large pieces of machinery work because it has built them. So, Predix will be able to process the amount of data the devices generate and also better predict the impact a given set of data will have on equipment based on factors such as temperature and workload.

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