GCI Annouces Purchase of Network Business Systems

GCI has announced the purchase of Anchorage-based Network Business Systems on August 6th. They did not disclose the amount they paid. The purchase will double their cloud computing and IT services sector and can capitalize on the expanding cloud service market. The Network Business Systems will add about 30 employees to GCI’s existing infrastructure.

Network Business Systems has been offering cloud services in Alaska since 2009, but the market for the Cloud was rather sluggish. Recently, however, the demand for such services has grown.

GCI did not offer the most cash for Network Business systems, but owner Annette Jones was convinced to let GCI purchase her company for other reasons. “They did not make us the best offer, however we felt that they were the best buyer,” Jones said. “What I mean by that is we thought that our employees had the best growth opportunities with GCI and so that’s why we went with them.”


Because of this purchase, the amount of employees in GCI’s cloud sector would double from 30 to 60. Jones will continue to work with Network Business Systems as current employees will keep their jobs. GCI spokesman David Morris has said this purchase will better serve GCI’s existing customers who would like to know where their data is stored. He has stated, “Cloud computing is an emerging market, and the thing that we’ve found about Alaska businesses is that they would prefer that their data be stored in Alaska rather than some other place internationally. It makes a difference if you can come and touch and feel where your data is stored.”

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