G-Cloud 4 opens its doors for next round of tenders

The Cabinet Office has announced that the fourth iteration of the UK government cloud, G-Cloud 4, is open for business and is accepting submissions from suppliers for its Invitation to Tender (ITT).

Various improvements have been made to the ITT, according to Cabinet Office spokesman Peter Middleton. These include clearer application instructions, for suppliers both new to G-Cloud and for those previously on the ii and iii iterations.

The launch and timetable were posted on the UK government blog, with the clarification period closing on September 4, and the tender submission deadline arriving on September 23. Applicants will be informed on the success of their application on October 16, with the expected commencement date for the framework agreement later that month on October 29.

Suppliers who are on G-Cloud iii are safe until May 2014, whilst vendors still running on the second iteration have only until October 27 before the …