From Cloud Computing to Virtualization

“Cloud will provide the technology to allow virtualization of mainframe workloads,” observed Scott Morrison, CTO at Layer 7 Technologies, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. “But,” Morrison continued, “the organizational inertia in large enterprises will keep many mainframes operating for the foreseeable future.”
Cloud Computing Journal: Just having the enterprise data is good. Extracting meaningful information out of this data is priceless. Agree or disagree?
Scott Morrison: Strongly agree. Data has no inherent value; it’s the interpretation we place on it that creates value. Over the years, we’ve gradually improved in how we handle the ever-increasing volumes of enterprise data, but there is a big new challenge on the horizon. This challenge is the interpretation of API transaction data, which captures the timeline of who is doing what and when. We need more advanced tools to capture and understand this new mine of data in the context of existing enterprise data sources.

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