For the enterprise cloud, the future is hybrid

Attention CIOs – the hybrid cloud is enterprise ready. In fact, according to a GigaOM article, the hybrid cloud has been enterprise ready for the past couple of years, and that in 2011, the majority of participants in a cloud-use survey anticipated moving to the hybrid cloud in the future.

The future is here.

To prove that enterprise is using a hybrid cloud infrastructure, consider this. According to a Rackspace blog post, more than 50 percent of cloud buyers are planning hybrid deployments to take advantage of cloud efficiencies and satisfy security and compliance needs.

“It truly delivers the best of both worlds: the elasticity, scalability and agility that the public cloud brings, but also the control, visibility and security that the private cloud offers,” said Larry Lang, CEO of Quorum. “In addition, it offers the ability for enterprises to pay only for what they need, adding to its cache.”

However …