Five Steps to DevOps Success By @AAkela | @DevOpsSummit [@AppDynamics #DevOps]

DevOps is an approach that improves collaboration among Dev and Ops teams to enable fast delivery of applications and ensure impeccable end-user experience. BizDevOps takes the concept of DevOps to a new level – by bringing the business context and insights to day to day DevOps activities. BizDevOps ensures that Dev and Ops focus on what matters to the business and also introduces the Biz persona (line-of-business manager, product manager) as a key stakeholder in the process.

IDC recently published research on these two topics in its report, “DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000 Best Practice Metrics Quantified,” by IDC Vice President Stephen Elliot. In addition to eye-opening cost of application downtime and increasing momentum for DevOps, it also highlighted that “I=improved customer experience” is the most expected business outcome from DevOps practices.

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