Firefox Quantum will now tell you if a site has been breached

Clare Hopping

16 Nov, 2018

Mozilla has released its latest Firefox browser update, Firefox Quantum, and it ships with a new version of Firefox Monitor that will tell you whether a site you’re visiting has suffered from a security breach.

Firefox Monitor 2.0 will also tell you whether your details have been leaked online and desktop notifications will alert you if a website has been compromised over the last 12 months. You’ll also be able to see extra details, such as how many accounts were affected by the breach and what happened.

But don’t worry if you’re concerned you’re going to be spammed with messages every time you browse the internet – you’ll only see the notification once. So if you’ve already been told about the potential security issues, you can safely navigate back without being told again.

You will also be able to disable the notifications with a few clicks, straight from the notification, to prevent it from becoming a nuisance.

“We’re bringing this functionality to Firefox users in recognition of the growing interest in these types of privacy- and security-centric features,” the company said in a blog post.

Those downloading and installing Firefox Quantum will start seeing notifications over the next few weeks as Mozilla gradually switches it on.

Firefox Monitor works by pooling together notices of data breaches and the data that’s been reported stolen in such breaches. You can easily check whether your personal details have been stolen in a data breach, by checking them at and then signing up to future alerts.

“Being part of a data breach is not fun, and we have tips and remedies in our project, Data Leeks,” Mozilla added. “Through recipes and personal stories of those who’ve been affected by a data breach, we’re raising awareness about online privacy.”