Firefox Focus tweaked with improved browsing features

Clare Hopping

3 Oct, 2018

Firefox Focus, Mozilla’s private browsing experience update has now been revealed, with new features, such as custom tabs, a tracker counter and a full-screen mode. 

All the core features of Firefox Focus are now presented on the homescreen of the application, offering hints and tips for users about how to protect their identity while browsing online. 

You can also get search suggestions from the homescreen, although this is only activated if you wish it to be via the settings, because the whole point of Firefox Focus is so no one knows what you’re searching for. But to switch it on, just heard to the Firefox Focus settings and choose to turn it on.

The design of Firefox Focus has also seen quite an overhaul to be more in line with Android Pie. The update for Android users includes new icons, a customised URL bar and simplified settings menu to make it almost look part of Google’s operating system.

iOS users arguably get the tastiest new features, including Siri Shortcuts, which allows them to set their favourite websites and open them on demand, just by using their voice through Siri. They will also be able to erase their history and erase activity in the background using shortcuts.

Underneath the UI, Firefox Focus has been updated at a more core level. In fact, Mozilla explained it’s completely revamped the underlying framework. Focus is now built on GeckoView, Mozilla’s own mobile engine to make it more focused on security and privacy. Specifically, it means no third parties will be able to collect data.

Mozilla promised that although there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of changes in this version, there’s a lot more coming soon to protect users’ privacy while browsing on mobile.