ERP 2.0 Is Here to Conquer SMBs just launched the beta of its innovative Software-as-a-Service supply chain solution that empowers small and mid-sized companies to compete on the global stage. BizSlate ERP comes with a host of features that cut order processing time by up to 90 percent and let wholesale and distribution companies monitor and quickly diagnose operational issues at a fraction of the cost of conventional enterprise-resource-planning solutions. We had some questions for CEO Marc Kalman.
Small businesses are hungry for someone to solve their biggest supply chain problems. We feel BizSlate offers something special. Something that no other ERP for small distribution businesses offers. Other ERPs are either too complex and cost prohibitive, or if affordable they offer businesses little or no ROI. It is not surprising that 50% of small distribution businesses continue using QuickBooks and spreadsheets even though they have clearly outgrown it and need something more. Working with our customer steering committee, we’ve smashed the mold of old school traditional ERPs, and incorporate fresh ideas that coincide with the way small distribution companies operate their businesses. We give them power…we give them efficiency…we give them intelligence…and we do this with a very easy to use, intuitive interface. Word spreads fast when you finally solve the problems small businesses have been coping with for years.

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