Embedded Cloud Enablement Services at Cloud Expo New York

The proliferation of device connectivity is redefining the functionality requirements and capabilities of many embedded systems as more and more of these devices look to leverage the “Cloud.” While many commercial software and hardware component vendors have begun to realign their value propositions to satisfy growing demand, commercial-off-the-shelf products (COTS) alone cannot meet every OEM’s needs. As a result, the Embedded Cloud has injected a new level of uncertainty and a new competitive dynamic within the embedded ecosystem.
In his session at the 10th International Cloud Expo, Chris Rommel, VP Embedded Practices at VDC Research Group, will discuss the key question: What companies or even types of companies (hardware, software, or third-party engineering vendors) will emerge as the primary providers of professional services to supplement the COTS components and enable this next level of system connectivity and functionality?

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