Dropbox and Salesforce commit to deeper strategic partnership

Dropbox continues to make progress after its IPO filing earlier this month, announcing a strategic partnership with Salesforce to connect platforms through new integrations.

The two companies are in their own ways poster children of the software as a service revolution; Salesforce being the first SaaS company to cross a billion dollar annual run rate, Dropbox being the fastest to do it.

While the duo already offered some level of integration – the Dropbox for Salesforce app has been available on Salesforce’s AppExchange since 2014 – the new partnership runs deeper.

In the first integration, Dropbox will be combined with Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. A retail client, for instance, could create a Dropbox folder for product images or creative briefs while still working in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The second integration will see Dropbox integrate with Quip, the productivity software suite.

The two companies will also push ahead with each other’s products for internal use. Salesforce will use Dropbox Enterprise across its business, while Dropbox will use Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and PRM (Partner Relationship Management).

“This deeper partnership with Salesforce is a great opportunity to build new value for our mutual customers,” said Quentin Clark, Dropbox SVP of engineering, product and design. “We’re looking forward to delivering these new integrations so our customers can get the most out of their tools.”

As this publication explored, received wisdom on Dropbox’s bid to go public – following years of speculation – is down to the company’s long-term shift to move away from Amazon Web Services and build its own storage infrastructure. The company’s financial results, seen in the IPO filing, saw Dropbox post revenues of $1.1 billion in 2017, a 31% increase from the year before.