Drama in the Cloud: Coming to a Security Theatre Near You

The conflicting messages are the result of security colliding with productivity, which is probably a lot like security colliding with performance. In other words, we know who all too often wins that confrontation, whether we like it or not. The problem is that many are approaching the conflict with an either/or perspective. They’re trying to answer the question with an allow or deny policy based on the end-point, but ignoring the other end of the equation: the application or resource.
Like the two halves of drama, comedy and tragedy, the client and the resource (whether application or file or otherwise), go together. Settling on a BYOD strategy should necessarily not be based solely on the answer to “do we allow X on the network” but on the answer to “do we allow X to access this resource”. For example, in the case of many SaaS-styled applications, i.e. data is always stored in the database or on the server and never on the client, is there some other reason to deny an iPad or other mobile device access over any network?

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