Don’t expect big changes from VMware’s new CEO

By Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst, Infrastructure, Ovum.

Paul Maritz, CEO of EMC subsidiary VMware, is to be replaced by Pat Gelsinger, who is currently president and COO of all of EMC’s business other than VMware. The swap will happen in September, when Maritz will move in the opposite direction to become EMC chief strategist.

The move does not signal immediate or major changes at VMware. While the company faces increasing competition, its dominant position in the server virtualization market is not under immediate threat, and its revenue is still growing quickly.

EMC has also dismissed rumors that VMware plans to spin out its Cloud Foundry operation, at least for now. Although Maritz offered to step down during board discussions of VMware’s strategy, he has not been sidelined, as shown by his new role, his continued presence on VMware’s board of directors, and his high profile this week …