DevTest Clouds on Cloud 9 By @Parasoft | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

By Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer

From the point of view of a developer or tester, the dependent architecture associated with the application they’re working on is extremely complex—and only growing more so.  This begs the question: How do you create a test environment in order to validate the features the company wants to release as rapidly as possible?

As the just-released voke report on Virtual & Cloud Based Labs outlines, various technologies over the past decade have matured to a point where they can reduce this complexity.  For example, the report highlights:

  • “Virtual or cloud-based labs to enable on-demand access to development and test environments
  • Service virtualization to simulate services, components, or applications regardless of their state of completeness or accessibility
  • Network virtualization to model and simulate networks to assess the impact of the network on the user experience”

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