Dell’s Testing ARM Servers

Not waiting for Calexda, Dell is developing its own low-power ARM-based microservers.
The dense, cheap widgets aren’t generally available. They aren’t ready for prime time yet.
Instead Dell’s got a seed program happening called Copper that won’t brighten Intel’s mood any since Dell is the second-largest maker of x86 servers behind HP, and HP is also skipping down the ARM path. What’s more, Dell, at least, is ultimately contemplating the enterprise mainstream despite the risk of cannibalization.
It said Tuesday morning that it’s shipped ARM-based clusters to a few “hyperscale” customers for evaluation and it’s putting demonstration clusters at Dell Solution Centers worldwide – as well as at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, the supercomputing center at the University of Texas in Austin – where they can be remotely accessed by ISVs so they can develop the nascent ARM server ecosystem.

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