Dell Security targets small organizations with AI product launch

Dell office logoDell has launched a new AI-based security solution, Threat Defence, which has been designed specifically for smaller organizations with limited or no IT resource.

The new offering utilizes machine learning and AI technologies to prevent threats from entering an organizations perimeter, as opposed to simply detecting them once inside. Dell claims the new offering stops 99% of malware execution, as the machine learning components of the software will adapt and learn from the malware for future threat detection.

“Today’s malware attacks are non-discriminant and can impact organisations of all sizes,” said Brett Hansen, Executive Director for Data Security Solutions at Dell. “Smaller businesses are often at risk as traditional anti-virus and threat protection solutions can be resource intensive or beyond the means of growing businesses. With Dell Data Protection Threat Defence, Dell is addressing the needs of this under-served segment with an effective advanced threat prevention solution that is easy to manage and reflects the multi-platform reality of modern businesses.”

The launch builds on growing security concerns within world of smaller organizations, as a recent survey from Dell claimed 69% of SMB’s state data security is a burden on their company’s time and budget, with 65% holding back mobility plans due to ongoing security concerns. The Threat Defence aims to provide a more secure platform for businesses who want to become more mobile. Although Dell has a healthy reputation for security within the enterprise market, this is seemingly one of the first moves by the company to diversify the customer base, and reach into new market segments.

Additional features include a low-footprint, the company claims only 1-3% of CPU resources will be used, the ability to safe-list certain files and applications which have a tendency to throw out false-positives, as well the ability to upload suspicious files to the cloud for analysis. Through the analysis, Dell can update the software remotely to improve detection capabilities of malware crossing an organizations perimeter.

The offering will be available on a subscription basis in the United States and select countries around the world starting in mid-June 2016.