Database Scalability Needed for Full-Blown Cloud Applications

“We have seen excellent strength in social networking and gaming apps, the growth has been phenomenal,” observed Cory Isaacson, CEO of CodeFutures Corporation, in this exclusive Q&A with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. “Most consumers have no idea they are ‘playing in the cloud,’” Isaacson continued, “but that is where a majority of these apps are hosted – and very successfully so.”
Cloud Computing Journal: How fast will the last remaining barriers to enterprise-wide cloud adoption melt away – are secure public clouds feasible, for example, or only private ones?
Cory Isaacson: The barriers are evaporating quickly, but the database tier still remains a big issue. The reliability and performance need to improve so that enterprise customers feel comfortable trusting their environment to the cloud. Another factor that will help is using the cloud as a disaster recovery (DR) backup – that will be a smart strategy and a good early move for many enterprise organizations.

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