Customers miss out as vendors fight cloud wars, research argues

As the cloud wars gain pace from the big vendors, customers are losing out due to overwhelming failure rates, according to new research from enterprise cloud infrastructure provider iland.

“Stories about successful cloud implementations are captivating, but the reality is that cloud is more complex than many news headlines make it out to be,” said EMA vice president Dennis Drogseth. “Companies must be self-aware.”

The research, of more than 400 professionals across three continents, found that respondents used on average three cloud vendors. Even though vendor lock-in is thankfully scarcer now than a few years ago, this lack of a pressing need for a single vendor indicates an ongoing effort to find the right cloud solution, according to iland.

Customers are suffering as a result of the cloud wars, the research asserts. The highest failure rates customers reported were by Rackspace (63%), followed by AWS (57%) and Microsoft Azure (44 …