Consider Cloud Computing Services Before Your Users Do

The longer you put off providing features and services offered in the cloud, the worse off you’ll be, according to an article in Network Computing.
The post by Define the Cloud’s Joe Onisick offers a stark take on falling behind cloud adoption:
“Every day that goes by that IT isn’t meeting the features and services offered in the cloud, users are moving there on their own. No office collaboration environment? They’re on Google Docs. No file-sharing option? They’re using Dropbox. No solid backup or recovery options for their laptops? Carbonite is handling it. Now your data is outside your corporate walls, outside your control and outside of compliance.”
Every day that users turn to an unsanctioned IT service, it becomes harder to get them back. You can’t close Pandora’s box once it’s opened, Onisick said. His advice on getting a handle on the situation: Don’t stall on new services and the benefits of the cloud. Build the services in-house, and standardize on public cloud offerings.

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