Companies afraid to move to the cloud because of government snooping

Cloud security is once again on the agenda after a report from Lieberman Research showed that nearly half of IT professionals were wary of keeping sensitive data in the cloud due to government intervention.

The survey was conducted at November’s Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Congress and found that the majority of respondents prefer to keep their most sensitive data on private networks rather than on the cloud.

Other top-line findings were:

  • Nearly nine in 10 (88%) of IT professionals believe some cloudy data could be lost, stolen or corrupted
  • Less than half of respondents (46%) believe that moving to the cloud has increased their IT security
  • Yet 56% think migrating to the cloud has saved money, and 86% think their move to the cloud has been successful overall

“There are a number of reasons why so many IT professionals are apprehensive about storing corporate data in the cloud,” writes …