Cloudreach announces launch of Salesforce Connector Tool


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Cloudreach announced the launch of its Salesforce connector tool at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2012. This new tool is designed to automatically sync data between customers’ Salesforce and Google accounts, making wasted time and missed opportunities a thing of the past for sales teams.

AluminaConnect, the first in the Alumina Tools series from Cloudreach designed to improve connections in the Cloud computing space, has been developed in conjunction with clients to help them work more effectively, accurately and seamlessly. Teams will be able to work between apps, by synchronising mail, contacts and calendar over any device with their Google accounts. Automation of mundane tasks via a 2-way sync will bypass any duplication of effort, allowing sales teams to be more productive and focus on converting opportunities into sales. AluminaConnect is enterprise grade, which means that businesses benefit from a resilient and reliable tool that is fully secure and compliant.

Pontus Noren, CEO of Cloudreach, said: “We have worked with clients to develop and optimise AluminaConnect for numerous individual requirements. At Cloudreach we recognise that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and we have been careful to keep this tool simple and easy to use. Further, AluminaConnect is cost effective and promises users an even greater return on their Salesforce and Google investments as it will be enhanced from a reporting to a delivery tool.”

As a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ set-up has become increasingly popular with British businesses a lack of linked apps can be problematic. Windows of opportunity can bypass sales teams, and agents can wind up red-faced after calling contacts a colleague dialled hours earlier. This Salesforce connecting tool is set to help British businesses streamline their operations.