Cloudistics pushes into the EMEA region with its turnkey cloud service

Gabriella Buckner

20 Apr, 2018

Cloud software company Cloudistics has declared its entrance into the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region soon after its launch of the Accelerate channel program in the US.

Ignition Ltd, based in the UK, and Securicom IT Solutions, based in Africa, have already made distribution agreements with Cloudistics.

The Accelerate program, which is tailored to each company’s value-added resellers (VARs), Technology Alliance Partners (TAPs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), is now available for EMEA partners.

“This is going to radically change how businesses in EMEA approach digital transformation going forward,” said Jay Wilson, sales manager of the VAR 4way Solutions, who was enthusiastic about Cloudisitics’ EMEA expansion, noting it provides the channel with a service that can help address the adoption of technology in the face of stringent budgets.

“With Cloudistics we can offer customers the ability to repatriate workloads from public cloud with its unpredictable costs and the heavy OPEX burden and bring this home where they can enjoy all the benefits of public cloud from behind the security and control of their own firewall,” he said.

Cloudistics touts its services as “turnkey enterprise cloud that breaks the barriers of cloud adoption”, and notes that there has been an emphasis shift from cloud creation and adoption to how cloud functions as a tool to enable businesses to adopt digital transformation doctrines.

Its services are designed to mitigate unanticipated costs and difficulties associated with public cloud adoption by bringing its benefits behind a firewall, essentially transitioning it into a private cloud that is easier for enterprises to implement, deploy and operate.

It fits into the user’s datacenter without hardware-specific dependencies and comes built-in with security. Through its Integration Marketplace, it also offers virtual-machine templates so that companies can tailor applications to their own needs.

“This product brings immense value to any organisation concerned with IT’s ability to instantaneously respond to the fast changing needs of its business with simplified and rapid applications deployment,” said Najaf Husain, CEO and founder of Cloudistics.

Cloudistics looks to be building upon its successes in 2017, with the firm highlighting new customers on its books such as Microstrategy, Massanutten ski resorts and CAE online who joined Cloudistics in 2017 because the company “demonstrated a premium cloud experience where legacy solutions such as VMware fell short”.