Cloud9 Simplifies, Secures Sales Reporting

Cloud9 today announced Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards.

Either scheduled and delivered automatically, or accessed on-line, Cloud9’s Sales Reports and Dashboards delivers a broad range of sales reports – including those reports that are difficult to get from the CRM system. Cloud9 delivers a library of pre-defined reports, or users can create any type of customized sales report or dashboard. Reports include a complete history of every bit of sales data a customer cares to track.

As part of the Cloud9 Sales Performance Suite, Sales Reports and Dashboards leverages the single data warehouse Cloud9 pulls from corporate CRM, financial and incentive compensation systems, as well as other data records to provide secure historical and operational reporting with frequent refreshes and snapshots.

“Reporting is regarded as a necessary evil by many sales teams,” said Jim Burleigh, chief executive officer of Cloud9. “It’s a cumbersome process of knitting together data from separate corporate systems, which requires hours of administrative and management time better spent on focusing on future deals. Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards simplifies the reporting process to put the historical information sales leaders need to make the right decisions to identify risk in the pipeline and to deliver on the forecast.”

Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards is built on the Cloud9 analytics platform and takes full advantage of Cloud9’s patent-pending technology for storing and analyzing the full history of data from multiple sources. Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards incorporates Cloud9’s unique tools for seeing historical trends in sales data into a reporting product that provides the following capabilities:

  • Pre-defined and customized sales reports: Saves time with a
    comprehensive library of pre-defined reports and templates – leverage
    Cloud9 to create any type of customized sales report and dashboard,
    automatically. Distributes reports and dashboard to provide unified
    sales intelligence and keep all stakeholders aligned.
  • Custom layouts and design: Provides simple but powerful design
    capabilities including a rich component library and rule-based
    formatting, so you can easily feature tables, charts, pivot tables,
    graphics and custom formulas in sales reports and dashboards. Single
    and multi-page dashboard reports offer unlimited custom layout
  • Visualization of historical and operational data: Illustrates
    history, trends and patterns of success and failure to sales teams to
    drive performance at all levels of the organization. Brings
    information to life and turns it into actionable insight for business
    decision-making with vivid data visualization, including a wide array
    of graphical representations including column, line, pie, bar, area,
    scatter, contour, doughnut, bubble, radar and embedded sparc lines in
    both 2D and 3D.
  • Secure access to sales intelligence: Gives administrators
    fine-grain control over security and sharing of sales reports and
    dashboards to provide regulated, auditable cross-functional access for
    anyone in the organization. Leverage powerful subscription management
    capabilities for unlimited reports, users and schedules. Automatically
    monitor report availability and adoption patterns.

Cloud9 will be demonstrating its Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards as well as its full Sales Performance Suite at this year’s Dreamforce 2012 conference, being held Sept. 18 – 21 at Moscone Center North, South and West 747 Howard St., San Francisco, Booth No. 500.

For more information about the Cloud9 Sales Reports and Dashboards, please visit