Cloud Storage Goes Local for SANs & NAS | @CloudExpo

New local cloud services for co-location customers in 17 markets has been announced by 365 Data Centers. The new service supports customers’ NAS and SAN storage architectures, and is aimed at everything from clustered databases and Big Data analytics to archiving and disaster recovery.

We asked company executive Keao Caindec a few questions, and this is what he told us:

Cloud Computing Journal: Who are the target customers for the new service?

Keao Caindec: We are targeting businesses that are using the storage for databases, clustering, file storage with large volumes, local back, remote disaster recovery and mirroring, storage migration and temporary workloads. Data-intensive industries will also be targeted such as hardware and software, SaaS, manufacturing, retail, advertising, education, finance, and healthcare.

CCJ: How important is the hourly pricing plan? What sort of demand have you seen for it?

Keao: Hourly pricing is critical to realizing the benefits of cloud-based services. Hourly pricing allows our customers to pay only for the amount of storage they need, when they need it.

CCJ: Could you explain a bit how you can work with customers’ SANs and NAS storage?

Keao: Using our our web-based console, users create a Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) made up of dedicated drives that have been selected by the customer. You can easily add those drives into a RAID-protected pool drives. Based on that storage, you can create volumes of block (SAN) or file (NAS) storage. All of this functionality to manage and control storage is built into the console.

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