Cloud Startups to Look For

Cloud is a booming tech niche that offers plenty of opportunities for anyone with the right idea. Little wonder then that this sector is seeing so many startups, a lot of which end up being successful.

Before moving on, let’s define “success” in the context of cloud startups. Every company is started with an innovative idea or with the need to fill a gap in the existing infrastructure or services. Though many ideas are hard to implement and don’t take off as a general rule in other sectors, the cloud industry is different. Since it’s an emerging field, there’s a greater chance for entrepreneurs to come up with an innovative idea and implement it well.

Such well-done implementations brings in revenue for companies and more importantly, sets them as a perfect target for acquisition. If you look at the trends in this industry over the last few years, you’ll know that acquisition is a form of success because the idea and implementation of the startup was recognized and it was given an opportunity to become a part of a larger group.

These acquisitions work well for both the acquirer and the acquiree. The acquirer, or the company taking over a startup, is likely to gain from the new idea or practice that it can implement to a larger customer base. In the case of the company that’s being acquired, it’s a welcome event because their idea can now be sold or implemented among a larger customer base. They’ll also have access to more resources to improve on their implementation. In this sense, it’s a win-win situation for both the companies and for the public at large.

So, in the cloud industry, success means not just more revenue, but also becoming a potential target for acquisition.

That said, let’s look at a few cloud startups that have been successful or are on the path of achieving success this year.


Apcera provides a container management platform to help its clients operate in the cloud. Founded in 2012, a unique aspect of this company’s offering is that it helps clients to manage both modern and legacy applications that so far are a thorn in cloud management.


Hedvig is a company that operates in hyper-scale storage, a small but growing niche. Founded in 2012, this company specializes in replicating data across public and private  cloud systems with a view to provide high levels of data protection.


This company helps its clients to remotely monitor and manage any kind of cloud infrastructure. Its user-friendly interface and application access ensure that users can connect to their infrastructure from any device including tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Skyhigh Networks

Founded in 2011, this company gives real-time visibility to companies to gauge their cloud initiatives. This way, they stay on top of their threats, implementations and progress and can even lay the basis for deciding on their future business strategies.


Cazena offers big data as a platform (dPaaS) that run well on Azure and AWS. It deals with data movements, analytics and security.

These startups are expected to go big by this year.

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