Cloud Scaling: Back to the Basics at Cloud Expo New York

It’s easy to lose your head in the clouds. While virtualization has provided a way to satiate the need for on-demand solutions, it is easy to lose sight of the appropriate architecture when being allured to the sky.
In his session at the 10th International Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, will go back to the basics and take a practical approach to solution building: how to structure your application to take advantage of hybrid environments and provide the basis for a truly scalable solution.
As Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, Phil Jackson is the lead customer contact for SoftLayer’s robust API. He also develops and maintains a portion of the company’s software platform and content. Mr. Jackson joined SoftLayer from The Planet, where he was a Sales Engineer building test environments, architecting complex technical solutions, and serving as a technical consultant for customers pre-and-post sale. Prior to The Planet, he served on the top tier of the Customer Care and Response team for Ev1Servers, where he also led the training department and created numerous training initiatives. Mr. Jackson is proficient in a wide variety of software languages and has a diverse background in the technology industry.

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