Cloud News Daily 2015-07-28 23:19:51

Imperva Inc., dedicated to protecting business-critical data and applications in the cloud and on-premises, and Raytheon|Websense a global leader in protecting organizations from the latest cyber-attacks and data theft, have formed a strategic alliance to facilitate both safe and productive use of cloud applications for organizations of a myriad of sizes. This agreement allows Raytheon|Websense to implant the Imperva Skyfence Cloud App Catalog into its web security gateway products. In addition, it certifies joint interoperability that will make it easier for customers to both deploy and integrate the solutions.

Mike Siegel, Vice President of Product Management of Raytheon|Websense, has commented “As a cloud access security broker (CASB), Skyfence will strengthen our Triton platform by providing powerful, embedded risk intelligence to support reporting and decision-making. The Skyfence technology allows our current and future customers to leverage the existing Websense platform and better deal with cloud app adoption and security issues emerging from shadow IT.”
It is essential that cloud computing organizations create or adopt a solution that can both periodically scan activity and mark new additions to the program. Skyfence can routinely monitor the environment of the cloud and will alert IT management to changes.

Mark Kraynak, Chief Product Officer of Imperva, has stated, ““IT cannot begin to define and enforce a cloud security strategy if they are unaware of the applications in use. With a myriad of cloud applications being adopted for workforce efficiency including file-sharing and collaboration, measuring what applications are being used and understanding their risk to the business are critical.”

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