Cloud networking on the rise, but can NaaS gain traction?

More than two in five (45%) of respondents to a Spiceworks survey admit they are using cloud networking tools in their business, or are going to push forward with it within 12 months.

The survey results, of 500 IT professionals, were collected in a report entitled “The Cloudification of the Network”, produced in association with cloudy networking solutions provider Pertino.

Of course, the more cynical and world-weary CloudTech readers will have worked out the message in this survey given Spiceworks and Pertino both deal in cloud networking technology. Yet on the flip side, more than half of companies aren’t interested in cloud networking software until at least 2015.

Networking, however, has arguably been the most important topic of conversation at this year’s VMworld conference, according to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. This comes amidst the virtualisation experts launching NSX, its latest network virtualisation tool, moving forward from server virtualisation …