Cloud Hardware and New Memory Controller Designs

“The Data Center operators do understand that quality does matter,” noted Barbara P. Aichinger, co-founder of FuturePlus Systems and VP of New Business Development, in this exclusive interview with Cloud Expo Conference Chair Jeremy Geelan. “When they experience failures they call the supplier and the Tier 2 and 3 vendors just blame somebody else, like the DIMM vendor or the software.”
Cloud Computing Journal: You seem to have some concerns about the actual cloud hardware can you explain?
Barbara P. Aichinger: Sure, my company FuturePlus Systems makes memory design validation equipment used by the engineers that design cloud hardware. These server and network equipment have technology standards that govern their design. The advantage of using standards is that you can buy one part from vendor A and another from vendor B and because they are all designed to the same standard they work together. The standards organizations that write these standards are international in nature and in most cases have a Compliance Standard associated with the technology standard. Vendors have to not only obey the standard itself but pass a test, specified by the compliance portion of the standard, that proves that their design meets the specification. This is a stamp of quality and interoperability. The problem we have today with cloud hardware is that at the very heart of all of this hardware is the JEDEC DDR Memory standard but this standard has no compliance specification per se. Thus there is no third party checking this very critical portion of the design for quality and compliance.

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