Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: The State of the Cloud Union

With the ever-increasing pace of change in business, line-of-business groups are demanding new application creation in days rather than weeks or months. Since the traditional IT application development cycle is ill-suited for this type of quick application development, we’re seeing CMOs and LOBs turning to “boutique shops and shadow developers” to get their applications developed more quickly: applications that are often developed by stitching together services that reside in the cloud.

In this presentation, Rachel Reinitz, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of IBM Software Services, will discuss the State of the Cloud focusing on IBM’s view of what is needed in the Next Generation Cloud Platform and how new and emerging cloud technologies will affect both business groups and IT. During the presentation, Cloud Expo delegates will see a demonstration of BlueMix, an IBM strategic initiative based on Cloud Foundry that provides developers a way to quickly compose services to create applications running in a cloud environment without dealing with the underlying infrastructure, resulting in a quicker time-to-value for our customers.

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