Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: The Next Step in Your Cloud Journey

For the past several years as virtualization and cloud computing adoption has expanded, we have seen endless proof points in regards to the value these technologies and solutions bring to Opex and Capex savings. However, Cloud has yet to bring to life the agility and efficiency promised to the application teams.
In their General Session at the 11th International Cloud Expo, Richa Dhanda, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware, and Murthy Mathiprakasam, Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware, will provide concepts and solutions to allow leveraging the investment in the cloud technologies while offering up capabilities to the application teams that allow them to take advantage of the constructs of the cloud, hence empowering them to deliver more business value on top of IaaS. They will examine the different type of cloud applications, and new approaches to deploy applications, embed policies, monitor the applications and leverage the cloud elasticity.

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