Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: Investing in a Sound Cloud Education Strategy

As organizations are investing hundreds of millions of dollars on cloud-related technologies and services, many within the organization have no clue what cloud is and the derived value and benefit of embracing a sound cloud strategy. With new cloud solutions that impact non-IT folks like iCloud, Facebook, etc., more and more people are wondering and asking the questions: What is cloud computing and what is my organization doing to leverage the latest cloud technologies?
When the organization is not transparent about such initiatives, people will start to leverage other cloud solutions as they are much easier to access in the market than in the past, are available at a lower cost, however, much more vulnerable than the IT services delivered by the IT organization. As the implications of cloud computing touch so many within the organization even outside of IT, it is imperative to have a sound cloud education strategy in place to ensure alignment within the organization to optimize cloud-related investments.

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