Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: Four Degrees of Separation from SaaS

Four companies moving to SaaS, four different challenges, four different markets and four different solutions.
In his session at the 11th International Cloud Expo, Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy, will provide four separate, real case studies detailing how these SaaS companies met the challenges.
Moving to SaaS?
Then you’re going to have to rewrite your software whether you want to or not. How do you manage the process without driving your company’s collective brain insane? We’ll show you how one SaaS company handled it.
Analyzing the costs and risks of transitioning
If you decided to build your new system from scratch, you’re the main technology provider. Are you up to the task? Can you get it done in a timely fashion? Go the outsource and third-party component route and you’re now orchestrating an effort you don’t totally control. Where are the main risks? Our case study will show you how they reduced these risks.

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