Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: Cloud Security in an Agile World

The conversation of “Why Cloud?” has long since passed for many businesses and the question has transitioned into “How Cloud?”, or more importantly, “Is it safe?” Much is at stake protecting your business and your customers, and naturally, you should be cautious. Managing security in the cloud is about adapting to an agile world where development is rapid and compute resources are variable. Traditional security controls and best practices have not gone to the wayside, but in an agile world we must leverage additional tools and adapt our assessment methodologies to offset risks associated with rapid development in a multi-tenant cloud to protect sensitive data.
In his session at the 13th International Cloud Expo®, Jaret Chiles, Cloud Solutions Architect at Rackspace, to discuss Cloud Security in an Agile World and cover several topics on protecting your business while still reaping the many benefits of partnering with a cloud service provider.

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