Cloud Expo Silicon Valley: Big Data Alchemy – Turning Big Iron into Gold!

We all see the potential value of Big Data systems – they allow us to distill golden nuggets of information from reams of customer data where it has lied dormant waiting to be freed. However, while the benefits of the Big Data dream are clear, there are a lot of nightmares that we must overcome to make that dream a reality. Managing massive bits of iron in the form of large server farms with petabytes of information is not for the faint of heart. What if there were a way to skip to the dream – deploy Big Data systems, access them from anywhere, without the nightmares?
In his session at the 11th International Cloud Expo, join Gordon Crenshaw, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Progress Software, and DataDirect’s Big Data alchemists as he shows you how to make this dream a reality.

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