Cloud enthusiasm continues to rise – and are security fears allaying?

A TechSoup Global survey has revealed that most non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are keen to move to the cloud but need to be better informed about its strengths and weaknesses.

TechSoup’s 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey interviewed over 10,000 NGOs, non-profits and charities and found that many of these companies were unaware they were already using cloud services.

Sound familiar? Well a study from Citrix last month showed that 95% of 1000 Americans surveyed who thought they weren’t using the cloud actually were, so more knowledge on what the cloud encompasses can now be attributed to NGOs, as well as consumers.

Despite this, TechSoup Global – itself a non-profit – noted in its response how many NGOs were utilising the cloud.

The key takeaways from the report are:

  • 90% of those surveyed are already using cloud computing, with 53% hoping to move “a significant portion” of their portfolio into the …