Cloud Datagenius Set to Launch in June, Aims for Custom Data Applications Without Programming

Swiss company Konnektix is set to launch a new web-based service that lets you build custom relational-data applications quickly, without programming.

According to Vedran Vlajki of Konnektix, “You don’t need to read a manual to drive a car, or use Google. So why should it be different when it comes to managing your company data? We are building a powerful tool that requires zero training. No programmers, no DBA, no complicated options, no weird shortcuts.”

Cloud DataGenius runs on Microsoft Azure, and as a native Azure application it takes advantage of  underlying technologies, including SQL Azure databases, table and blob storage, messages, etc. Customer data is kept safe in Microsoft Data Centers, and the service is replicated worldwide for best performance.

Cloud DataGenius is aimed at small businesses, entrepreneurs and working groups inside large organizations, and has a planned starting price tag of $45 per month.

Here’s the first of their tutorial videos.

More information is available at