Cloud Computing: Red Hat Recasts CloudForms as Hybrid Cloud Manager

Perhaps you will vaguely remember that a year ago CloudForms was supposed to be an infrastructure-as-a-service platform from Red Hat.
If you don’t it’s just as well because it’s not anymore.
It had to give way when Red Hat officially embraced OpenStack as an IaaS platform in April and became OpenStack’s single biggest contributor while it develops its own commercial OpenStack distribution.
That meant that Red Hat had to think up something else to do with CloudForms and so, when the widgetry hit GA Wednesday, it was recast as an open hybrid cloud management platform – largely, it appears, because it makes use of APIs in Deltacloud, the open source project Red Hat sent to live at Apache – that also happens to create hybrid IaaS resources in a corporate data center and on a public cloud like, say, Amazon or VMware

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