Cloud computing in India: Are we on the verge of explosion?

Two separate stories have reached CloudTech HQ which show that cloud computing adoption in India is showing more than just potential. But is the hype justified?

Earlier this week it was reported that Microsoft is offering its Office 365 Personal suite to users in India for Rs 330 (£3.24) per month or Rs 3299 (£32.42) for a yearly subscription.

According to reports from New Delhi, Redmond is hoping to recruit 25 million new Indian users for cloud services, with country general manager Chakrapani Gollapali telling reporters: “Today’s consumers are seeking a more optimised experience across their phone, tablet and PC and the combined power of Microsoft devices and services provides the best experience they can have today across all these.”

Fusing Office 365 with cloud and mobile was the first item on new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s list, with the long-awaited move to bring Office to …