Cloud computing in Australia: Pros, cons and questions to ask

The International Data Center (IDC) researchers have this week put into writing what many will already suspect: cloud computing continues to grow in Australia. But does this all fit in with recent coverage?

86% of Australian enterprises currently use cloud computing in some aspect, up from 71% this time last year, according to the latest report from IDC, “Australia Cloud Services 2013-2017 Forecast and Analysis”.

Not surprisingly, there’s still a fair amount of future gazing in the report, with IDC predicting that the Australian public cloud services market will grow to a whopping A$2,671.9 million (£1,631m) in 2017, meaning a compound annual growth rate of 24.7% for that five year period.

Aside from the pinch of salt which generally needs to be taken with such statistics, these are still impressive numbers.

In a statement, IDC Australia cloud services senior analyst Raj Mudaliar said cloud …