Cloud computing hubs will become increasingly data-centric

By Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Ovum Software

In 2013 Trends to Watch: Cloud Computing, we show that cloud computing platforms are increasingly approached not just as technology delivery platforms but as ecosystem hubs for cloud service providers, consumers, and their respective channel partners. These hubs are increasingly data-centric.

Ecosystem services will make or break cloud service providers

From the start Ovum has emphasised that cloud computing platforms are not just technology delivery platforms but are also business platforms.

We have stressed that they need to deliver ecosystem services consisting of marketplace services, business services (for vendors in the marketplace to manage their customers, send bills, and get paid) and community services (for customers to provide reviews and feedback on a vendor and its partners’ services, for all sides to interact with one another via forum, wikis etc.).

History is proving us right: cloud computing ecosystem services are becoming increasingly important …