Cloud cited as key driver for redefining CIO role [infographic]

A new survey from Brocade has revealed the extent of the changing CIO role in enterprise – and put cloud adoption as a major driver of it.

The research, which asked 100 CIOs from the EMEA sector (Europe, Middle East, Africa) found the following top-line takeaways:

  • 50% of the CIOs polled expect that cloud adoption will result in their jobs involving less time fretting over the company IT infrastructure
  • One third of CIOs confirmed that cloud services had been deployed by their business without involving the IT department
  • Two in three envisage that by 2020, this trend will continue with business units procuring cloud services much more frequently

There were other interesting results, with 75% of respondents unsure whether their company’s SLAs (service level agreements) will meet minimum requirements, which may come as a surprise.

Of course, a downwardly revised SLA will mean downtime and greater IT costs, but Forrester …