Cisco Introduces New Products

Cloud applications are becoming an integral part of everyday life, both at the personal and professional level. It’s little wonder that companies are vying with each other to tap into this huge market. The latest company to join this bandwagon of enterprise cloud suite applications is Cisco, with the introduction of ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.

Introduced at Cisco’s Partner Summit in San Francisco on November 1st, ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is a hybrid cloud software solution that’ll allow companies to make the most of their cloud environment. In many ways, this is a self-service portal that is customized to meet the needs of end-users, app developers, and IT professionals, so they can have a flexible environment backed by a solid infrastructure. It’ll offer advanced automation tools for managing the infrastructure, cloud, and other related services by providing real-time diagnostics and historical analysis. One of the most important features of ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite is Big Data automation, so as to provide higher levels of consistency and reduced risk.

Besides this cloud enterprise suite, Cisco also announced a new storage server called UCS S3260. Part of its Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), this is the first offering in UCS S-series of servers. Known for its modular architecture, the first of its kind in the industry, this server offers a high level of scalability and cloud connectivity that is sure to go a long way in helping customers to convert their data into useful business insights. Further, this server can store terabytes of data, that can be quickly scaled to Petabytes if needed, with Cisco’s UCS manager, and unified I/O connectivity.

Another unique aspect of this server is that it consumes almost 50 percent less power than similar servers, and takes up to 60 percent less space. This is a big move considering that power consumption is one of the biggest aspects of a server’s maintenance costs, closely followed by the cost of space. By addressing both these aspects, Cisco has lowered the cost of total ownership by almost 50 percent when compared to public cloud, and at the same time, offers the perfect infrastructure to power any kind of workload. This can be particularly important for IoT and other data-driven applications, as this server can be quickly scaled to store the enormous amounts of data that is being generated every minute today. Going forward, the rate of data generation is only going to increase, and servers like UCS S3260 are expected to fill this growing demand for storage.

Through this new cloud platform and storage server, Cisco wants to provide an architecture that’ll make it easy for customers to Analyze, Simplify, Automate, and Protect (ASAP) their data, according to a press release from the company. In addition, both these announcements are sure to make it smooth and easy for businesses to make the most of their hybrid cloud adoption.

With these offerings, Cisco has made a foray into the storage business through its successful domain of server business.

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