Cisco admits to losing Meraki customer data in ‘erroneous policy change’

Cisco says it is ‘deeply regretful’ after admitting losing Meraki customer data from what it described as an erroneous policy change.

The data affected from Cisco Meraki, which offers cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing and security, included custom logos, floor plans, audio such as hold music and voicemail greetings, as well as custom enterprise applications. The company’s tagline reads: “Secure and scalable, Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work.”

“On August 3rd 2017, our engineering team made a configuration change that applied an erroneous policy to our North American object storage services and caused certain data uploaded prior to 11:20AM Pacific time on August 3 to be deleted,” the company wrote. “The issue has since been remediated and is no longer occurring.

“In the majority of cases, this issue will not impact network operations, but will be an inconvenience as some of your data may have been lost,” the note added. “Your network configuration data is not lost or impacted – this issue is limited to user-uploaded data.”

As noted elsewhere, a fair amount of this data will be in the ‘inconvenient’ rather than ‘disastrous’ category, as hold music and logos can be reuploaded, voicemail intros can be rerecorded, and so on.

Engineers had been working over the weekend to resolve the issues and assess what data could be recovered. The company is expecting to update by the end of August 7 with which resources will be made available to restore functionality.

You can read the full note here.