CIO Focus Interviews: A Summary Over the Past Year

A year ago, I started a CIO Focus Interview segment on the blog. I’ve gotten the chance to speak with a handful of thought leading CIOs and CTOs. All have provided great insights and shown why they are on the cutting edge of all things IT. Below is a summary and link to each of the interviews.

CIO Focus Interview: Stuart Appley, Shorenstein

CIO Focus Interview: Stuart AppleyStuart is the CIO at Shorenstein, a San Francisco based real estate investment firm. One of Stuart’s biggest challenges is operating in a company culture that is a little older making it more difficult to get people to adopt technologies and bring them up to speed. Last year, Stuart completed a large cloud ERP project that allowed him to reduce a lot of application sets. Stuart is a strong believer that IT needs to act as an advisor to the business. Read the full interview.

CIO Focus Interview: Isaac Sacolick, Greenwich Associates

CIO Focus InterviewIsaac is Global CIO and a Managing Director at Greenwich Associates. His career began in the start-up world and he has brought that mentality and framework to traditional businesses he has worked at since. Isaac and I discussed self-service BI programs, analytics, and the internet of things. Read the full interview.

CIO Focus Interview: David Chou, CIO at a large academic medical center

CIO focus interviewDavid works at a large academic medical center where he manages day to day operations and an $82 million budget. According to David, the “4 pillars” of cloud, mobile, social, and big data are having the biggest impact on the industry. Earlier this year he was in the process of incorporating a hybrid cloud model. Read the full interview.

CIO Focus Interview: Peter Weis, Matson Navigation

CIO Focus InterviewPeter has an interesting blend of both business and IT knowledge. After receiving his MBA at the Wharton School, he entered his first management role at 26 and was a CIO at age 36 at a global logistics company. Peter recently finished a complete IT transformation that replaced 100% of the company’s enterprise applications, the underlying architecture and governance process. We ended the interview talking about the importance of transforming the enterprise experience to be more like a consumer experience. Read the full interview.

CIO Focus Interview: Kevin Hall, GreenPages-LogicsOne

CIO Focus InterviewKevin is the CIO and Managing Director here at GreenPages-LogicsOne and has a very unique perspective. He runs all aspects of information services internally but also is the Managing Director responsible for our customer facing Professional Services and Managed Services divisions. This unique position allows him to get a better understanding of the challenges and roadblocks GreenPages’ customers are faced with day in and day out. Read the full interview.

CTO Focus Interview: Gunnar Berger, Citrix

CTO Focus InterviewBefore joining Citrix, Gunnar was an Analyst at Gartner. Since joining Citrix, he has been on a mission to make VDI easier and cheaper to deploy. In 2015, Gunnar’s main goals were to double down on applications, review the complexity and cost of VDI, and bridge to the cloud. Read the full interview.

CTO Focus Interview: Rick Blaisdell, Motus

CTO Focus InterviewRick is the CTO at Motus and also serves as an advisor on how companies can become more efficient and scalable. In the interview, Rick and I discuss the Internet of Things, Anything-as-a-Service, and predictions on what will happen in the industry over the next 5-7 years. Read the full interview.


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By Ben Stephenson, Emerging Media Specialist