Category Archives: Virtual security appliance Extends Security Offerings with Cloud Firewall Solution, a leading provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based application availability and recovery solutions, today extended the security options for cloud customers with the announcement of their Cloud Firewall service. Leveraging Juniper Networks vGW Series Virtual Gateway, a comprehensive virtualization security platform, Cloud Firewall is a hypervisor-based, VMsafe-certified stateful virtual firewall with more than ten times the throughput of firewalls typically deployed in cloud environments. Cloud Firewall meets the needs of cloud customers looking for an easy, affordable way to comply with major regulatory and industry security standards and to lock down their virtual environments.

“Cloud Firewall expands protection for cloud customers who want higher levels of security and VM workload access control. We already provide the highest level of physical firewall protection and now, another option is available at a granular, VM level. This furthers our commitment to enterprise-class, Always Secure cloud solutions,” said Jim Potter, Vice President of Products at

Cloud Firewall satisfies the dynamic security and compliance needs of IT managers by offering a self-managed firewall that can be deployed in minutes. Managed through rich instrumentation in the Customer Portal, customers view and administer their complete VM and VM group inventory, including virtual network settings, and intra/inter-network traffic monitoring and access controls. Modifications to security rules can be made quickly and enforced nearly instantaneously through the Portal.

Companies with strict compliance mandates get granular control of VM traffic, without impacting the throughput of high-performance applications. Enterprise businesses with hybrid data solutions – those running on dedicated hardware servers in conjunction with workloads on cloud-based VMs – can add granular control and scalability to their virtual environment with Cloud Firewall, extending traditional perimeter-based security to the virtualized realm.

“The vGW platform that powers Cloud Firewall delivers layers of protection without the performance tradeoffs that users typically experience when implementing sophisticated security,” said Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing at Juniper Networks. “The innovations inherent in the hypervisor-based Cloud Firewall offer very compelling value to cloud service providers because they are able to maximize security and cloud VM capacity.”