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Hybrid cloud enabler Velostrata bags $14m, exits stealth

Velostrata is the latest hybrid cloud vendor to come out of stealth

Velostrata is the latest hybrid cloud vendor to come out of stealth

Hybrid cloud software vendor Velostrata has secured $14m in series A funding as it emerged from stealth this week.

Velostrata has developed proprietary hybrid cloud software that competes with and functions like offerings provided by VMware and OpenStack.

The software lets users shift and manage workloads between different cloud platforms, and claims to make this process as frictionless as possible by decoupling the storage and compute processes.

The company claims decoupling the storage from compute helps make data more secure by enabling enterprises to keep their databases on-premise.

“Our vision for Velostrata is to enable frictionless hybrid clouds for any workload in real time,” said Issy Ben-Shaul, chief executive  and co-founder at Velostrata.

“Today, hybrid cloud deployments have largely been limited to corner-cases, because there are just far too many barriers involved for general-purpose use, and in particular, customers don’t want to move their large production data assets permanently to the cloud. At Velostrata, we have developed a breakthrough technology that eliminates those barriers and our unique approach has already transformed the hybrid cloud strategy for our large enterprise users,” Ben-Shaul said.

The company, which was founded last year, plans to use the funding to bolster its sales and go-to-market strategy.

There is certainly no shortage of hybrid cloud tools on the market today, with each vendor pitching their own secret sauce in making hybrid workload management and deployment seamless and pain-free. Velostrata’s offerings seem well suited to some hybrid use cases – cloud-bursting, storage consolidation, DR – it seems like one of the primary hybrid challenges that has yet to be solved is latency, one of the problems that severely limits practical use cases for hybrid (i.e. using hybrid cloud to restore performance and service reliability for anything more than a database) and which has yet to be solved.

“The feedback we’ve received from enterprises in our early adopter program has been tremendous and further establishes that our approach to enabling on-demand hybrid cloud for production workloads is unique in the industry,” Ben-Shaul said.