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Japan Post, IBM and Apple ink cloud, iPad deal

Tim Cook, Apple CEO and Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, walking the walk and talking the talk

Tim Cook, Apple CEO and Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, walking the walk and talking the talk

Japan Post, IBM and Apple are partnering to deploy iPads with IBM-developed apps and cloud services to give local seniors access to healthcare and community services.

As part of its Watch Over service for the elderly, Japan Post will deploy custom iOS apps built by IBM Global Business Services, which will provide services like medication reminders, exercise and diet tracking, community activity scheduling and grocery shopping.

“What we’re starting today draws on IBM’s long heritage of innovation at the intersection of technology, business and society,” said Ginni Rometty, president, chairman and chief executive of IBM.

“The potential we see here – as broad as national economics and as specific as the quality of life of individuals and their families – is one example of the potential of mobile-led transformation anywhere in the world where issues of an aging population exist,” Rometty said.

The move will also see Japan Post deploy iPads and IBM cloud services – thinks like analytics, training services and collaboration services – for its own employees.

“We are joining with two of the world’s most respected leaders in technology to bring our elderly generation into the connected world, expand our businesses by deepening relationships, and discover new ways to strengthen the fabric of our society and economy,” said Taizo Nishimuro, chief executive of Japan Post Group.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook also commented on the deal: “This initiative has potential for global impact, as many countries face the challenge of supporting an aging population, and we are honoured to be involved in supporting Japan’s senior citizens and helping enrich their lives.”

Japan Post Group had been piloting iPads and custom apps and cloud services for the elderly since last year and the company hopes to reach between four and five million elderly customers by 2020.