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New semYOU Cloud Office Offers 15 Enterprise Apps for Business Productivity, Collaboration

With its new version of the semYOU Cloud Office (, scheduled to be launched in late May, app computing system semYOU is taking users beyond the hype by offering businesses a comprehensive, flexible cloud-based enterprise office system based on software-as-a-service.

Now businesses that need software for human resources, project, task, scheduling management and more can gain access to required applications by simply pointing and clicking. The new semYOU Cloud Office is a complete software infrastructure for small or large companies that want to be flexible, are working globally and collaborate with different partners worldwide.

“In less than three minutes, a business can make the whole software infrastructure of semYou available for individual users, teams, projects or the whole company, complete with an administration suite for managing users, groups, rights and licenses, security as well as customization,” said Volker Jahns, CEO of semYOU LLC.

The system provides users with 15 enterprise apps such as Task-Manager, Project-Manager, Project-Timer-Recording and more that all users in the Cloud Office may use. The array of applications makes it possible for IT departments to deploy a full software suite for ongoing projects via the cloud without having to change software infrastructure or increase costs.

“The big advantage of implementing a virtual office via semYOU Cloud Office is that you have the ability to be flexible and scalable for each new situation in your business,” said Jahns. “Instead of your being stuck with a rigid system architecture that’s dedicated to specific applications, the new enterprise app idea from semYOU is to enable you to use professional apps for each business case, just when you need them.”

An additional benefit is that users do not have to deal with software installations, downloads or any other changes to their computers.

The semYou enterprise app system is designed as a low-cost model, and businesses can create virtual offices for their teams starting at $15 user/month for a minimum duration of one month. That means if 10 individuals use the system’s applications, the business pays $150 for that month, and users are not restricted to the same app.

“With semYOU, the cloud finally gets a face,” stated Jahns. “We’re demonstrating how the Internet will look tomorrow for business.”